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Ekaterina Shulman about the reaction to her statements about the games: “Apparently, gamers do not hear a word from anyone ”

The political scientist’s argument about the prospects for the participation of the gaming community in public life


The famous Russian political scientist Yekaterina Shulman commented on the situation with her quotes about violent games, widely distributed on the network. Shulman returned to the topic of video games as part of a stream on the YouTube channel MackNack.

The real fame came to me when the host suddenly asked me on the Sputnik radio station whether it was necessary to restrict access to cruel games, because someone again said that they would shoot at them and then go outside and shoot. Here, of course, I said that these sciences indicate otherwise, and everything is exactly the opposite.

After that, apparently, a powerful community of gamers was full of gratitude to me. I began to make funny pictures, motivators, demotivators, write to me personally – if you knew how many people wrote to me “thank you”. They apparently do not hear a good word from anyone!

Ekaterina Shulman

political scientist

The political scientist also shared her opinion about the real number of the gaming community and its potential participation in the political life in the country.

There are a lot of them. I understand that in the next electoral cycles you just need to go out and say: “Players of World of Tanks! We come and vote this way. ” And yet, no more election campaign is needed.

In my opinion, all political strategists are looking completely wrong. Because there [in the gaming community] just some millions are teeming in darkness. Although, probably, it is disrespectful to talk about them like that. Not in darkness, but rather in the light! There are many of them, and they, too, probably want to somehow participate in public life, they just do not yet know how.

Ekaterina Shulman

political scientist

Earlier, Shulman’s appearance on the radio in which she called video games “a great social good” gained wide popularity .


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