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The main participant of the “gamergate” spoke about sexual violence by Alec Holovka – author of Night in the Woods

Zoe Quinn claims that Holovka raped and held her in his apartment for about a month - but “after years of therapy” apologized, and the girl forgave him.


According to Zoe Quinn, she became close to Holovka a few months after she started developing games. Co-author of Night in the Woods flirted with her while talking on Skype and eventually offered to come to him in Winnipeg for two weeks.

Quinn claims that Alec Holovka was aware of her difficult financial situation and therefore promised to buy her a ticket back.

In Winnipeg, the girl planned to work on her own game with three friends – however, Holovka, according to Zoe Quinn, forced her to stop communicating with all her friends.

Despite the protests of the girl, the developer also began to program her game himself, forbade her to leave the apartment without him, and also shouted at Quinn. After all this, Holovka, according to the developer, forced her to have sex.

I was silent about this for almost my entire career, but I can’t do it anymore. 
Sorry, if my story came out messy, I was terribly afraid to speak out against the industry legend, but I can no longer live with this secret.

Zoe Quinn claims that Alec Holovka kept her in Winnipeg for about a month instead of two weeks – the girl often locked herself in his bathroom, but was afraid to leave or talk about the violence. At the same time, Slow Dog behaved normally when, together with Quinn, he met with other people.

The girl left Winnipeg only after her roommate in Toronto contacted her and helped her buy a ticket. After that, Quinn wrote to Holovka and gently announced that she did not plan to meet with him again.

Alec Holovka

In response, co-author of Night in the Woods blocked Zoe Quinn in her indie community and agreed not to be accepted at two major events in the gaming industry. Quinn also said that Holovka asked other developers to help him with suicide due to the girl’s betrayal.

Judging by the words of Zoe Quinn, a few years later, Alec Holovka nevertheless apologized to her, and the girl forgave him. However, two more developers contacted her, who were also subjected to violence by Holovka.

Quinn reacted to the story with Scott Benson, who developed Night in the Woods with Alec Holovka. According to Benson, he did not know about this case and promised to figure it out.

Thanks to everyone who wrote me in a personal and told about everything. No, we did not know anything, I will comment on everything later when I figure it out.

This incident took me by surprise, but we believe Zoe’s story about Alec’s behavior and are very disappointed and angry about it. Expect detailed comments tomorrow.

As Zoe Quinn emphasized, she decided to talk about sexual abuse after publishing another indie developer, Natalie Lowhead, who claimed rape by Jeremy Soule.

In 2014, Zoe Quinn also became a member of another sex scandal, GamerGate.

Indie developer claims to be raped by TES series composer Jeremy Soul


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