Terraria mobile update released adding multiplayer and expert mode

The authors call the patch "rethinking" the mobile version.


In addition to multiplayer for eight people and a new level of complexity, the game has updated the interface, added the ability to more detailed control settings, support for worlds of large sizes, as well as many new events, biomes and enemies. It is also known that all items exclusive to the mobile version have been removed from the game. A complete list of changes can be found on the site.

For PCs, these innovations have been available since 2015 – the thing is that another studio is engaged in mobile Terraria.

Players with iOS and Android will be able to play together – the servers for both systems are common. The connection is organized in the same way as on the PC – with the search for servers by IP.

The authors do not exclude that they will expand the possible number of players to 16.

Terraria is a cult two-dimensional sandbox that is often compared to Minecraft. The game has received recognition for the huge amount of content and opportunities for crafting. 


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