Not stripped-down, but simply different: Nintendo Switch Lite ‘s journalistic experience


A good device that could become the second Nintendo console at home.

Journalists from a number of publications got a chance to try out Nintendo Switch Lite, the new version of the popular console. Unlike the original model, Switch Lite cannot be connected to a TV – it is a fully portable device. We selected key points from the first previews.

  • It feels like the console is reminiscent of the Nintendo 3DS. It is not perceived as a stripped down version of the original. In principle, the “cheapness” of the console is not felt – some journalists even write that there is something “premium” in it.
  • Switch Lite has no elements that can be transformed or disconnected, like the same joysticks – it’s a monolithic device.
  • Journalists note that if they tried to treat the original Switch carefully, being afraid to damage the entrance for the docking station or the mount for joysticks, then with the monolithic Switch Lite there are no such problems.
  • The author of Kotaku did not notice any difference in sensations, playing in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Breath of the Wild on both versions of the console.
  • Polygon journalist writes that Switch Lite is comfortable in the hand and the plastic is pleasant to the touch. It’s easy not to notice that the screen is a little smaller – but, according to journalists, those who had difficulty reading text in Breath of the Wild or Fire Emblem: Three Houses, additional issues may arise.
  • The Verge journalist reports that due to the screen shrinking and the resolution remaining the same, the image now looks better than on the original console.
  • Nintendo representatives said that not all Switch games will be compatible with Switch Lite. Available games will be marked with the corresponding icon on the package or in the digital store.
  • Despite its portability, Switch Lite is still much larger than a mobile phone or Game Boy Micro, Nintendo’s smallest console. Constantly carrying it in your pocket will still not be too convenient.
  • Many journalists praise the crosspiece, the appearance of which was made possible thanks to the missing joikons. Its presence in places makes management more convenient than on a regular Switch.
  • The console should work without recharging from three to seven hours, however, journalists could not verify this information.
  • Joysticks can still be connected to Switch Lite, but this function was not demonstrated to reporters.
  • Almost all journalists write that the device cannot fully replace the Nintendo Switch, however, it is worth taking a closer look if some family members need a personal console besides the main one.

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