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Microsoft is not going to buy game studios in the near future

It seems that 15 companies are enough for them.


According to Aaron Greenberg, marketing manager for the gaming division of Microsoft, the corporation has no plans to expand Xbox Game Studios.

He said the company is quite happy with the amount of content that studios like Ninja Theory, Obsidian, and The Coalition are already working on. Greenberg noted that plans may change, but they still do not have a goal to buy someone else.

I think that our internal studios already have enough projects to work with, but we thought so a year ago. And then the opportunity came up with Double Fine and it turned out that they are great for us. 

You never know what awaits us in the future, but now we have 15 studios and we are happy with everything. We have a lot of content – and for supporting Project Scarlett, for the Xbox Game Pass for PC and consoles. We have games of various kinds and genres, and fans should like this.

Aaron Greenberg

Xbox Marketing Manager

Greenberg also confirmed that companies at Xbox Game Studios are constantly collaborating. For example, Microsoft regularly holds meetings of their leaders, and they share some technologies among themselves.

People don’t see much – each team really helps and supports each other. What will be the layout on the controller in this game, how can we solve this problem, how to improve the engine, but whatever. 

These companies do not always have to work separately. And I’m very glad to see how the head of Rare Craig Duncan meets with Ninja Theory – after all, both studios are located in the UK. As far as I know, they even had a joint picnic.

Aaron Greenberg

Xbox Marketing Manager

Over the year, Microsoft announced the acquisition of eight studios – the last of which was Double Fine, developers of Psychonauts and Brütal Legend.


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