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505 Games partnered with female streamers to broadcast Control – publisher accused of sexism on Twitter

Some players have called for a boycott of the action from Remedy.


In honor of Women’s Equality Day, which is celebrated on August 26, 505 Games publishes a post on Twitter announcing partnerships with female streamers.

We partnered with select female streamers to introduce Remedy’s latest protagonist, Jesse Faden, in the early Control streams!

Twitter users immediately criticized the publisher, accusing him of sexism. Players felt that by focusing on women, the company discriminated against men.

“Equality” means to deprive men and give women certain privileges in a false desire for revenge. Anyone who is trying to deny this is wrong.

Women’s equality through discrimination against men. Wow.

Equality = being a sexist ……
Some players said that due to the 505 Games tweet, they would not buy Control.

Thank you for politicizing the game unnecessarily. I would rather spend my time and my money on something else.

Seriously? Hell, even my wife thinks this is discrimination against men. Why should men cave in under women for their equality? I really love her. Thank you for saving me the money I was going to spend on the game. My wife would be angry if she knew that I support this.

I think I’m spinning her. Everyone will be fine: you won’t get the money, but I’ll play anyway.

Oh, thanks. You have helped so much. I think I will avoid you in the near future.

I really planned to buy this game. Thank you for saving my money.

Cool, they won’t buy the games you publish anymore. Sexism is not normal, whatever it may be.

However, some users thanked 505 Games for their support and advised the publisher not to pay attention to negative comments. Among those who spoke out in support of the company was Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad.

Again. The responses to this tweet are sad, but not surprising.

He drew attention to the fact that not only women got early access to the game, and 505 Games only focused on them as part of Equality Day.

Some are trying to say that I support the ban on early streams for men. But if they look, they will see that men also broadcast Control. The tweet simply “highlighted” female streamers.

Control will be released on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on August 27.


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