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Robert Downey Jr. spoke about the first trip to Disneyland – he was detained for smoking marijuana

The actor apologized for his cant when he received the Disney Legends Award.

Robert Downey Jr. was awarded at the opening ceremony of the D23 exhibition, which Disney runs from August 23 to 25 in Anaheim.

After receiving the award, the actor spoke about his first trip to Disneyland, which ended in detention for him due to smoking marijuana in a gondola.

Here’s a little story for you – when I first went to Disneyland, they took me to another place … right after the arrest. I ended up in a surprisingly friendly site. I received a strict warning and returned, if I remember correctly, to a very disappointed attendant. I would like to apologize to those who had to detain me for smoking weed in a gondola without permission. 

Sorry, I didn’t want to complicate the situation even more and hint that we can somehow allow weed smoking in the gondola or in some attractions … For example, at Imagineers, but this is their business.

Robert Downey Jr

Disney Legends in 2019 also included director John Favreau (first parts of Iron Man, The Lion King), James Earl Jones – voice actor Darth Vader – and composer Hans Zimmer.


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