Attention to detail and manual labor: how weapons animation was created for Modern Warfare

Game Informer magazine talked with lead shooter animator Mark Grigsby.


An Infinity Ward employee immediately conquered office guests with a passion for their favorite business. According to him, he is no longer proud of his work on Modern Warfare 2, but no one has come close to the quality of animation in the new game.

Grigsby insisted that hand animation should be created by hand rather than motion capture, and, fortunately, other team members supported him.

The animation was made less cinematic and more realistic: “He recharges as if sleeping with this rifle in his hands.” At the same time, the animator still allowed himself a little freedom: in the movements there is not only a cold calculation, but also a bit of aggression.

In addition, 2019 Modern Warfare is the first part of the series in which you can recharge without leaving the aiming mode. Yes, and the aiming itself was made as qualitatively as possible: not the whole picture is enlarged, as in games like Siege, but the image in the sight, on which optical distortions are still visible.

According to Grigsby, he tries to listen even to those people who do not professionally engage in animation, because each person is actually “a little animator”. People constantly see movements around themselves and get used to them, so they can notice if something is wrong in the game.

In 2010, Grigsby left Infinity Ward for Respawn, but returned to the studio in 2017 to work on restarting Modern Warfare.

His appearance and voice are used in the game – he played Sergeant Griggs Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.


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