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Disney suspected of using bots against Sony, but not everyone agrees with this theory

One corporation allegedly began to poison another on social networks due to disagreements around Spider-Man.


After the collapse of cooperation on a superhero between two corporations on the network, the hashtag “SaveSpiderman” (“Save Spider-Man”) began to gain popularity.

Since it was Sony who preferred to break off relations, rather than sharing all movie fees and expenses for their production, many network users opposed it.

Jeremy Renner, the performer of the role of Hawkeye in the MCU, turned to the company , and Spider fans intend to get together on October 19 and “storm” Sony’s offices in New York.

But some have noticed that dozens of Disney Twitter posts are of the same type. A user with the nickname Dataracer came to the conclusion that this is a deliberate attack on Sony using bots and gave examples of copied posts.

Disney demanded that Sony work on Spider-Man for the 50 to 50 deal. 
Sony wanted to maintain the current agreement, and said so publicly. 
In response, Disney launched an army of bots with the hashtag SaveSpiderman on Sony today. 
A bunch of identical tweets from venal “operatives.”

Among other things, Dataracer noted a large number of likes on posts with a hashtag and illiterate responses of alleged “bots” to the allegations.

Now “SaveSpiderManFromSony” has become trendy, and tweets with an attack on Sony gain 5-20 thousand likes in 3-6 hours. Disney wants to click on Sony in social networks to make concessions. Walt Disney would fire Bob Iger if he was alive now.

I confirm – the bot in broken English writes tweets for Disney. “I don’t hear him. This is not radio on Twitter.”

On the net you can really find copied posts with phrases about “10 years wasted” and “Tom Holland, years working on the ideal image of Peter Parker.” But at the moment there are only a few dozen of them, which is not too similar to the “organized attack”.

At the same time, the most popular of the “template” tweets were written by users from Asian countries. Some have suggested that this explains both errors in English speech and copy-paste instead of retweets.

Honestly, English is not so illiterate. There is no punctuation in the sentence, but it is quite meaningful. “You heard him …” – “No, I didn’t hear him, this is twitter, not radio.” This is a joke, a tweet cannot be heard, so he said that.

As an Indian, I can say that some of them are not bots. Just non-original Indians who stole tweets to repost them.

Disagreements between Disney and Sony became known from media reports on August 20. The next day, Sony confirmed the situation, explaining what happened with the employment of producer Kevin Feigi, head of Marvel Studios.

Sony about breaking up with Kevin Feigi: “We are disappointed, but respect Disney’s decision ” 

At the moment, it is not known whether Spider-Man performed by Tom Holland in the MCU, or disappears from it.


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