Discounts on Google Play: Machinarium, Titan Quest and Icewind Dale


Also at a reduced price you can take the Strike Team Hydra and Kingdom: New Lands.



A charming hand-drawn quest from the Czech studio Amanita, which was universally recognized. In Machinarium, a player in the role of Joseph’s robot will have to save his girlfriend from the robo-mafia by solving various puzzles.

Titan quest


The “ancient Greek” clone of Diablo, to whom secondaryity did not prevent to become a cult. The player will take on the role of a hero and defeat the titans who want to destroy the world.

Icewind dale


One of the iconic isometric RPGs of the 1990s, along with Baldur’s Gate and Planescape: Torment. However, unlike them, Icewind Dale is more focused on the combat system, rather than role-playing roleplaying.

Strike Team Hydra


Tactical RPG, continuing the ideas of X-COM. The player will take command of the strike squad and fight the alien race, using the features of units and the environment.

Kingdom: New Lands


A minimalistic strategy where control is reduced to moving left and right. The player will build his kingdom and meet the demons fully equipped.



One of the most endearing tower defense games. The player will have to build turrets, manage a squad of heroes and fight bosses, pumping his squad.

Despotism 3k

An extremely unusual hybrid of rogue-lite and resource manager, where players have to use people as energy sources to build their empire.



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