Media: Sony has patented an unknown device – perhaps this is a PlayStation 5 devkit

His design is unusual.


The patent, registered with the World Intellectual Property Organization in mid-August, drew the attention of the Dutch portal LetsGoDigital.

For what purpose the device described in the document is intended, it is unknown, but it fell into the category of “data processing equipment and peripherals”, which usually include game consoles.

As a designer, Yasuhiro Ootori, director of engineering at Sony Interactive Entertainment, is mentioned in the documentation .

The device from the patent really resembles a game console – with several connectors and a slot, apparently designed for disks. On the upper part there is a V-shaped recess with a ventilation “grill”.

As suggested on the network, this may look like the next-generation PlayStation devkit. Externally, devices for developers have always been different from the final design of game consoles, so you should not judge the potential PS5 by the drawings in the document.

Devkit PlayStation 4

However, at the moment it is not known for sure whether the patent is really associated with the next console from Sony.

The first details about the company’s next-generation PlayStation were revealed in April. At the same time, the platform architect said that game studios had already received device devkits.

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