Microsoft opened pre-order Gears 5 on Steam – it costs from $19.99 USD

The game supports even Valve service achievements.


The Gears 5 PC version, in additi on to full-fledged graphics settings (more than 35 options, including FOV settings and an unlocked frame rate) will receive a pack of high-resolution textures and support for ultra-wide monitors (up to 32: 9).


The PC version, like the console version, will be able to work with HDR10 and Dolby Atmos sound if you have the necessary equipment. It also supports split screen mode.

The Steam version costs from $19.99 USD, although it does not support Play Anywhere.┬áIf you buy the game in the Microsoft Store for $ 59.99, you can play it both on the PC and on the Xbox One – the same applies to Game Pass subscribers.

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The developers promise that the PC version of the game fully supports mouse and keyboard controls – including the features of individual models from popular brands like Razer.

All versions of the game support crossplay in all modes, although console owners can exclude users with mice from the search if they wish.

System requirements

Gears 5 is released September 10th and 6th for owners of Game Pass Ultimate or extended editions of the game.


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