Disintegration shooter screenshots and stills from the first trailer


At Gamescom 2019, V1 Interactive, co-founded by Halo, showed the first trailer for its debut game, Disintegration. Now, in addition to the video clip, screenshots with freeze frames are also available on the network – earlier they could be seen on the pages of EDGE magazine, but in poor quality.

If you missed the trailer in the news feed

Judging by the first trailer, there will be very little ground-based gameplay in Disintegration, or not at all. Most of the time, the player will have to control the gravity cycle and give commands to his squad on the ground.

The game talks about a world where people, hoping to survive the crisis, integrated their brains into robots. However, after many years, Royonne society was formed among them, which believes that humanity should not return to its former form.

The main character of Disintegration and his squad are some of those who openly oppose Royonne and repulse their offensive.

Disintegration will be released in 2020 – it will include both a 12-hour story campaign and multiplayer with three modes.


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