“I remember the days when gamers were not complete assholes”: Apex Legends lead developer criticizing the game ’s monetization


On August 17, Respawn made changes to the monetization conditions of the Iron Crown event in Apex Legends, bringing several items from the lootboxes to the store so that players could buy them directly.

The change was accepted positively, however, dissatisfied still remained. As a result , a discussion began between them and the developers in the comments on Reddit, later turning into an open dispute with insults.

Most of all, on behalf of Respawn, the lead developer of the project, Drew McCoy, participated in the conversation. He decided to answer the players why the authors did not immediately respond to criticism, but rather waited for the right moment.

We already said this earlier – we are not going to engage in dialogue with hysterical people, and any personal attacks on developers are unacceptable. This week, we looked in the mirror and decided that we had broken a promise, and therefore made changes.

I have been in this industry long enough to remember the days when gamers were not complete assholes with respect to developers. Since then, I have formed a lot of relationships. It would be great to return there, so as not to communicate with toxic people and not to ask “How high?” When the crowd shouts “Jump” to you.

Drew McCoy lead developer

For this answer, players criticized McCoy – in total, his comment received more than 3.5 thousand minuses. Fans felt that with such an attitude towards gamers, he dishonored Respawn.

Some players also noticed that in those days, about which the developer speaks, monetization was different.

Are you by any chance not about those times when cosmetics in games did not cost $ 200?


The subsequent message from McCoy scored more than five thousand minuses – in it the developer spoke as openly as possible towards the player who criticized Respawn for greed.

Look, I found that dick I was talking about. Guess what? I have not even read your comment except for the first and last sentence. Such garbage is not worth the answer, but fortunately for you I already gave it a little earlier, go and find it.

Drew McCoy lead developer

Further, McCoy did not apologize and remained at his own.

I worked tirelessly on Titanfall 2, including post-release support with tons of free (and yes, paid too) content, and the haters were there too. I’m not trying to get everyone together, I just emphasize the fact that nowadays being a developer it’s much easier to write nothing anywhere – less stress.

Drew McCoy

lead developer

The lead developer emphasized that the Iron Crown is a successful event on all sides, however, even with this in mind, the percentage of players buying items in the Apex Legends store is extremely small.

The reality is that whenever there is something for the money appearing in the game, there will be negative reviews. People just want everything for free. We knew that would be so. 
There is a lot of data available on how monetization works in free games, and we carried out the tests ourselves by displaying skins in the store at a discount. The number of people spending money is extremely small. Most of you are freeloaders. We like it, but price changes don’t change anything.

Drew McCoyl ead developer

Many players, after McCoy’s remarks, called for Respawn to fire the developer, however, since he occupies a leading position, some fans doubted the possibility of such an outcome.

At the time of writing, there were no public apologies from Drew McCoy and Respawn, and it is not known whether they will.


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