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Died Peter Fonda, the star of “Careless Rider”

The actor was 79 years old.


Peter Fonda died due to respiratory failure caused by lung cancer. The actor was best known for his role in Careless Rider, where he played a biker nicknamed Captain America. Peter Fonda also acted as one of the screenwriters of the film, for which in 1970 he was nominated for the Academy Award.

In 1998, the actor received a nomination for Best Actor in the drama “Gold Uli”, and later played in the western “Train to Yuma” and the superhero film “Ghost Rider”.

Peter Fonda also belonged to the acting dynasty – his father Henry starred in the films Twelve Angry Men and Once Upon a Time in the Wild West, his older sister Jane in The Clut and Homecoming, and their daughter Bridget in Jackie Brown. .


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