Warframe introduces Street Fighter- style mini-fighting game


To activate it , you need to visit Simeris and purchase jewelry from the ship for Ludoplex.

On August 17, Digital Extremes released another update for Warframe’s MMO shooter, which introduces Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat mini-fighting game mode.

In order to unlock it, the player needs to visit the Cephalon Simeris artificial intelligence in the Sanctuary and acquire Ludoplex from that for 50 thousand reputation points. By installing Ludoplex on the ship, the user will be able to launch Frame Fighter. For battle, the player can invite any friend from the list of friends or clan – even if Ludoplex is not acquired from that one.

In the battle, the player can choose one of three types of warframes – Excalibur, Volt or Meg. Each of them has its own unique ability. In the future, users can unlock additional characters by scanning special fragments.

A Digital Extremes statement said that one of the users inspired fan art to create the developer mode.

In addition, Ludoplex allows you to launch two more mini-games – the 2D platform game Virmius and a parody of Flappy Bird called Happy Marshmallow. They were available before, but opened only under special conditions.


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