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Toy Story 4 is the fifth Disney movie in 2019 to raise a billion dollars.


The “Lion King”, meanwhile, almost caught up with the Black Panther.

Toy Story 4 started at the international box office in late June 2019 and earned more than a billion dollars by August 15th. In front of her, five more films overcame the same mark – Captain Marvel, Avengers: Final, Spider-Man: Far from Home, Aladdin and The Lion King. Four of them were released by Disney.

At the same time, the “Lion King” was close to the Black Panther in terms of fees, which closes the top ten highest-grossing films in history. At the time of publication of the note, “The Lion King” earned 1 billion 343 million dollars – in order to surpass the Marvel movie comic, he needs to collect another three million.

RankTitleStudioWorldwideDomestic / %Overseas / %Year^
Avengers: EndgameBV$2,795.6$858.030.7%$1,937.669.3%2019
The Lion King (2019)BV$1,346.1$482.335.8%$863.864.2%2019
Captain MarvelBV$1,128.3$426.837.8%$701.462.2%2019
Spider-Man: Far from HomeSony$1,099.6$373.434.0%$726.266.0%2019
Aladdin (2019)BV$1,035.3$353.134.1%$682.265.9%2019
Toy Story 4BV$1,001.7$421.842.1%$579.957.9%2019

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