Instagram introduced a feature to flag fake content

If fact checkers decide that the post is fake, then a corresponding mark will appear near it, and the hashtags below it will stop working.


Instagram will launch a feature that allows you to report fake content, which is then checked by fact checkers. This was reported on the website of the international fact-checking network Poynter.

To talk about suspicious information, users just click on three dots in the upper right corner of the publication and label the content as “inappropriate” and “fake”.

The post may be officially assigned the status of “fake” after checking by experts of the International Pointing Institute Poynter Network (IFCN). Instagram representative Stephanie Otway explained that fake publications will not be deleted from the social network, but their promotion using hashtags will be prohibited.

So far, the innovation has appeared only in the USA, but within two weeks the function should become available to users around the world.


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