Bethesda removed mandatory authorization from Doom and Doom II on modern consoles

It took the publisher three weeks to make signing into an optional account.


On July 26, Bethesda released the classic Doom trilogy on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch – the first two parts of the shooter also came out on Android and iOS. However, users found that playing on modern consoles required creating an account with

The first two parts of Doom did not initially have online components. As Bethesda later explained, the requirement to connect an account was introduced for members of Slayers Club, the official Doom fan club.

As a result, on August 15 – three weeks after the release of the Doom trilogy on actual consoles – the publisher released a patch that makes it possible to log into account and removes a reminder about this that appeared during the game.

“Snake, connect to your Bethesda account”: how the Internet reacted to the release of the first parts of Doom on modern consoles


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