Release horror Scorn in the spirit of Hans Giger postponed until 2020 the year

Despite this, development is going according to plan.


Ebb Software GmbH reported on its Kickstarter blog that it reached an important milestone in development in July, but noted that despite this, the Scorn horror is guaranteed not to be released until the end of 2019.

According to the authors, the game environment is not 100% ready yet, as well as animations, sound and other systems.

Developers pay special attention to the animations of the protagonist so that the player has a feeling of the character’s whole body. According to them, this is important for the plot and interaction with the environment.

In addition to this, three new puzzle systems were introduced into the game, some of which extend to entire levels.

2017 gameplay

Scorn is a first-person horror adventure in which the main character finds himself in a world reminiscent of the work of Hans Giger with many mazes and nightmares.

The developers originally wanted to release Scorn in two parts, and the first release was scheduled for 2018 – since then, the authors, however, changed their minds and combined them into one game.


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