Hearing: PlayStation 5 GPU will be able to work with a frequency of up to 2.0 GHz


Known for his true news about AMD hardware, Komachi insider shared information about the specifications of the next-generation PlayStation graphics processor.

The source cites data on the Ariel GPU, which is part of a single-chip platform, code-named Oberon. This single-chip platform is most likely an engineering model of the Gonzalo platform. Or it is already called Oberon.

For the GPU, the source provides three clock frequencies: 800 MHz, 911 MHz, and 2.0 GHz. The first two frequencies correspond to the operating modes of Ps4 and Ps4 Pro. The latter will be standard for the new console. , from which we can assume that these frequency modes are needed to ensure backward compatibility.

Previously, Sony patents already had information that the new system will be able to simulate the characteristics of the previous generation Playstation.

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