Console owners complain about frequent No Man’s Sky crashes after Beyond update release

The developers promised that the patch will be released very soon.


Most of all, PS4 owners complain about the “crash” of the game every few minutes – apparently, on other platforms this problem is much less common.

Reddit users claim to be kicked out of the game under a variety of circumstances. Some try to load the save, others try to get to their base or go out into space. However, judging by the messages in the topic of bugs, most often an error occurs when trying to enter a social hub – the Space Anomaly.

Most likely, this is somehow connected with the expanded capabilities of the multiplayer in Beyond – some players noted that the problem disappeared when they turned off multi-user functions.

At the same time, most players argue that with the exception of “crashes,” No Man’s Sky performance really got a lot better.

The head of the studio Hello Games has already confirmed to the Kotaku portal that the developers are working on a patch that will fix the situation. An update is due out soon.


We already have a build of the game that fixes the most serious problems on the Xbox One and PS4.

On the PC, we will also make the necessary changes shortly after the release.

Sean Murray

head of Hello Games

Murray assured that there would be no big delays in fixing bugs. He recalled that after the NEXT update was released, they also tried to solve such problems as quickly as possible – the developers released the first patch two days after the update was released.

Optimization, processing of NPCs and more than 300 recipes: a complete description of the Beyond update for No Man’s Sky 


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