Optimization, processing of NPCs and more than 300 recipes: a complete description of the Beyond update for No Man’s Sky

All in the game there have been several dozen changes.


Hello Games finally listed all the changes and innovations that await players in the Beyond update coming out on August 14th. A full description of the patch came out extremely voluminous, so we chose the most important thing. The rest is available on the game website.

What was already known

Beyond consists of three major updates that Hello Games has combined into one. The first is full VR support for PC-compatible helmets and PS VR. The second is advanced online features and a social hub, like a tower from Destiny. The third is not so much a specific update, but a set of many different features collected in one pack.

Farming, programmable databases and 32 people online: what will appear in the No Man’s Sky¬†Beyond¬†update

Details from patch description

  • 32 players online will only be on the PC – on consoles the limit has increased from four to eight.
  • Players in VR mode can freely and without restrictions connect to those who play in normal mode.
  • The training and the first hours of the game have been redesigned to make it easier for new players to learn all the mechanics.
  • The game has a new plot content.
  • The system of fixed formulas for crafting has become much more detailed and almost step by step.
  • The inventory interface has been redesigned and its capacity expanded. Now players can carry an almost unlimited amount of extracted resources.
  • The icons and navigation on the galaxy map have been improved.
  • In total, 12 NPC wanderers appeared in the game with which players can interact, including receiving missions.
  • More than 60 new dialogs have been added to the rest of the NPC aliens, including new missions.
  • Now NPCs move around the premises and interact with their surroundings, such as chairs or dashboards.
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  • The local dictionary has been replenished with more than 700 new alien words, and a translator built into the costume will help players automatically translate some of them.
  • The game has more than 300 recipes for cooking and even decoys for specific types of creatures.
  • Five options of logical levers have appeared in the crafting system, allowing you to change the energy distribution, thereby creating various installations. For example, with lighting.
  • The developers have significantly improved the optimization, added support for integrated Intel cards and reduced the first boot time of the game.
  • Now from the first person in the ship you can see its nose and wings, and the aircraft themselves have become larger in size and more detailed.

It was

Has become

It was

Has become

  • In ground transport you can now also ride in the first person – there will be five cab options in total.
  • On PCs, support for OpenGL was replaced by the Vulkan API.
  • The graphics settings on the PC have become more detailed, and changing many parameters now does not require a restart of the game.

And the most important thing

Now the character can sit in a chair.

Beyond is the fifth and largest update for No Man’s Sky. The developers plan to continue to support the game, but what specific plans they have is still unknown.


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