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G2A accused Subnautica developer, demanding compensation of 300 thousand dollars, in defamation

Employees claim that Unknown Worlds suffered losses when the site did not yet exist.

Natural Selection 2

A message appeared on the G2A website in which the developers of the gaming key platform rejected Unknown Worlds studio’s request for compensation. Earlier, the creator of Subnautica and Natural Selection 2 turned to G2A for a cash refund, which the online store promised to everyone who suffered from the resale of keys. The amount amounted to 300 thousand.

An official G2A post says Unknown Worlds suffered losses when G2A did not exist.

This year, the G2A store, launched in 2014, is celebrating its fifth anniversary. The above keys were stolen and sold until March 8, 2013 – 6 years ago. [Subnautica Game Director] Charlie Cleveland wrote: “Because of G2A, we spent $ 30,000 to pay back credit card refunds.”

It’s just slander, and we expect him to at least edit his posts [on Twitter] if he doesn’t apologize

From a G2A message


Also, the owners of the site attached a screenshot of the page, which could be found at in 2013.

As noted by PC Gamer , in 2013 the G2A platform existed under the name Go2Arena and worked on a completely different business model. She acted as a retailer. G2A owners claim that Natural Selection 2 was not for sale at that store.

Earlier, the G2A platform announced that it would begin to create a tool to lock keys in the event that 100 gaming studios support this initiative. So far, 19 companies are interested in the offer.

Only 19 gaming companies out of the required 100 were interested in the G2A store key lock system


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