First trailer and details for Need for Speed Heat

The game is released on PS4, Xbox One and PC on November 8 with early access on November 5 for Origin Access Premier owners.


The game takes place in the fictional city of Palm City, inspired by Miami. Heat will feature both official races (during the day) and illegal races (at night).

In the afternoon, Palm City hosts the Speedhunters Showdown competitions, where you can earn money to upgrade and upgrade your cars. At night, illegal street races full of adrenaline take place, which bring you a reputation that provides access to major events and the best details. And do not relax – the cops are on the alert, and some of them play completely by the rules.

from the official description

Developers place a special emphasis on the fact that this time new parts are earned directly for the race – the player will be able to see what part will receive, even before the start of the race. There will be no Payback style cards.

Not only the legality of the competition, but also the aggressiveness of the police will depend on the time of day: at night, a special unit will go on the road, which fights with riders more severely.

Switch between day mode and night mode will be allowed at any time – in the garage. In addition, the game will have “advanced customization” of cars and updated controls.

The premiere of the gameplay will take place at Gamescom on August 19.




Extended editions include additional cars (starting and opening as they progress) and suits. In addition, for extra money, players will receive + 5% to reputation and + 5% to virtual money.

All publications can be discounted with EA Access and Origin Access subscriptions.


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