Developers of the remake of MediEvil: “We wanted to recreate the game the way you remember it”

Why creating an updated version is similar to the work of an archaeologist.


Sony has published a three-minute promotional video of the upcoming MediEvil – a remake of the action about the risen from the dead knight Dan Fortescue. It showed not only new footage of the gameplay, but also an interview with the staff of Other Ocean Interactive about working on the game.

They said that their main goal was not to make an exact copy of the original, but to “recreate MediEvil the way it was remembered.” They compared some aspects of their work with archeology, as they constantly learned about the initial plans of developers from SCE Cambridge.

We have access to the source code of the first game and we saw that in some ways its creators were going to go further.

For example, in the files there are stages of boss battles that did not fall into the final version. They worked a lot on similar things, but they had to be cut.

We immediately see what the original idea was, what the developers wanted to achieve.

Jeff Nackbour

Executive Producer MediEvil

The authors of the remake also constantly interacted with the creators of the original in order to better understand their creative approach and try to play it on the PS4.

Other Ocean employees also noted that they transferred all 56 different types of opponents to the updated MediEvil. For developers, this was not an easy task – according to them, even in modern AAA games there is no such diversity.

A remake of MediEvil will be released on PS4 on November 28.


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