Destiny 2 game director: working on a game at the current pace began to bore people

In the future, Bungie plans to fix this problem.


On the Bungie website, Destiny 2 game director Luke Smith has published a large blog summarizing what has happened with the game and the studio over the past year.

In particular, Smith decided to draw the attention of fans to how hard the team is given all the new content. He noted that Bungie switched to a format of seasonal passes, with which the game has much more regular reasons to return to it than before.

However, such a model, according to the game director, led to the fact that work on the game began to bore the developers.

The volume and pace with which we deliver content in seasonal passes affects Bungie. I spoke with the team over the course of the year about how difficult it was to work on Destiny, and the process began to bore many. Each new mechanic was valuable, but led to the fact that the development cycle became unstable. We are going to deal with this problem in the third year of Destiny 2.

Luke Smith

Destiny 2 Game Director

Smith also admitted that microtransactions in the game are unlikely to decrease. Especially now that Bungie has become independent.

As many of you have noticed, microtransactions are a large part of our live service support business. I will not say that all the financing of the studio is supported on them, because this is not so. However, they help us do things that would otherwise be impossible.

Luke Smith

Destiny 2 Game Director

However, in the mechanics of microtransactions themselves, there will still be changes for the better – Bungie wants players to simply buy what they like in the store. Also, the store will become more accessible: it will be possible to open it directly through the navigation window, and it will not be necessary to return to the tower.

As for changes in the workflow during the third year of Destiny 2, there is no specifics on the blog. It is also unclear how and what content players will receive after the release of the Shadowkeep update in October.

With the release of Shadowkeep on October 1, there will also be a shareware version of Destiny 2 called New Light. On the PC, the game will move to Steam – the transfer of accounts will begin on August 20.

Bungie says Destiny 2 with Shadowkeep expansion will require 165 GB of hard drive space 

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