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Amazon named actors on the roles of Rand al’Tor, Matt Coughton and Perrin Aybara in the series “The Wheel of Time”

The studio also announced who will play the main characters of the film adaptation of the fantasy cycle - Egweyn al'Vir and Nynaeve al'Miru.

Josha Stradowski, who played in the movie “Just Friends” and will play Rand al’Tor

Unlike the sorceress Moraine, whose role will be played by Rosamund Pike (“Disappeared”), the five main characters of “Wheels of Time” will be played by young and little-known actors. According to the plot, their characters will travel along with Moraine, who will try to find out which of them is the reincarnation of an ancient entity, the Revived Dragon.

Marcus Rutherford (“Submit”) – Perrin Aybara.

Barney Harris (“The Empty Crown”, “Billy Lynn’s Long Way to Break a Football Match”) – Matt Coughton

Madeline Madden (Picnic at the Hanging Rock, Dora and the Lost City) – Egwene al’Vir.

Zoe Robins (The Shannara Chronicles) – Nynaeve al’Mira.

The Wheel of Time is a fantasy cycle of Robert Jordan, which includes 14 books. The last three novels due to the death of the original author were written by Brandon Sanderson, also known from the Buresvet Archive series.

Harriet McDougal – the widow and editor of Robert Jordan – advises the creators of the upcoming adaptation. The showrunner and screenwriter for the Wheel of Time series will be Rafe Jadkins, who worked on Agents Sch.I.T. and Hemlow Grove.


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