15 minutes of gameplay on the Sega Mega Drive Mini and an advertisement with the slogan “Genesis Does”

Retro console in business.

The video with the gameplay Sega Mega Drive Mini (or Genesis Mini – in North America) was published by Game Informer journalists. In the video, they not only showed the device itself and the controllers, comparing its size with the original in the nineties, but also tried several games from the library – including Earthworm Jim, Ecco the Dolphin and Tetris.

The mini-console is about half the size of the “older” Mega Drive, and the controllers repeat exactly the standard pads from the original.

However, Sega did not repeat one of Nintendo’s errors. If the NES Mini was criticized for the controller cables that were too short, then this is all right: their length is at least two meters.

In the main menu, a specially written track from the composer Streets of Rage, Yuzo Kosiro, which he created using an audio chip with the original Mega Drive, is played. Here is the entire library of 42 video games – they can be sorted alphabetically, release date or number of players, as well as viewed as “roots” on a virtual shelf.

Main menu

Games can be launched in the standard 4: 3 format or stretched the image to 16: 9. Also, if desired, you can turn on a filter that simulates the operation of a CRT TV.

Pause menu

Mega Drive Mini will cost about 80 euros (about 5900 rubles) and will be released in Europe on October 4. In other countries, the console will go on sale two weeks earlier – September 19.

Sega also showed a short retro-console promotional video referring to ads from the nineties. Then the creators of the device directly compared it with the competing NES and promoted it using the phrase “Genesis Does What Nintendon’t” (“Genesis does what Nintendo cannot”).

In modern advertising, only the first part of the slogan was left, but the musical theme was left almost unchanged.
Sega Genesis Mini Advertising
Advertising the original Sega Genesis

Sega named all the games for the Mega Drive Mini – among them were Darius and Tetris 


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