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Trump has postponed the introduction of duties on the console in the US until mid-December – so as not to undermine Christmas sales

Other categories of equipment are less fortunate.


According to the results of the next round of negotiations with China, US President Donald Trump announced that it was decided to postpone the introduction of a 10 percent duty on Chinese-made game consoles until December 15.

This was done so that the key Christmas sales for Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo would not be affected at least in 2019.

We do this for the Christmas season – in case duties hit American consumers.

Donald Trump President of the U.S.A

Fees were postponed for other categories of devices, including smartphones, so after the announcement of the news, Apple and retailers like Best Buy grew in price.

Nevertheless, starting in September, popular devices like smart speakers, wireless headphones and smart watches will begin to be taxed at 10 percent. The media has already reported that this could greatly affect the business of Apple wearable devices – either AirPods, Apple Watch and HomePod will start to bring noticeably less net profit, or they will rise in price.

Earlier, Sony CFO hinted that the company may have to shift part of the fee to customers – in other words, raise prices on the PlayStation console in the United States.

It is possible that the trade war with China will eventually force equipment manufacturers to move most of their plants to other countries – for example, India. Such measures are already being taken by Apple and Nintendo .

Sony threatens US government with more expensive consoles over trade war with China 


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