The logo and still images from the Need For Speed Heat trailer appeared on the network


Reddit users also pulled preview images from the page of the future trailer for the game. Judging by them, the game may unfold in Miami.

The subtitle can be seen in the URL of the game trailer page on YouTube, which will be presented on August 14 at 16:00 Moscow time.

Fans also pulled previews from the page code, one of which shows the logo. Judging by the design, the game can take place in Miami.

In addition, the YouTube channel LP-RIPPER24 , citing its sources, published several facts about the game.

  • Heat will be darker and more serious in terms of history.
  • The game will become the basis for the development of the franchise in the future.
  • This is a combo of NFS 2015 and NFS Rivals, it will have offline mode and pause.
  • An open world, but without a change of day or night – lighting will dictate each specific race.
  • Off-road races will disappear, but the police chases will return – as will gas stations from NFS 2015.
  • Pumping will not be through the card system.

Earlier in July there was already a leak of the name of the future game, but everyone thought it was a fake, since the cover from the mobile Need for Speed: No Limits was used as a stub on it.


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