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The creator of Subnautica demanded compensation from the G2A store for 300 thousand dollars for fraud with game keys

The developer has not yet been answered.

harlie Cleveland , the founder of Unknown Worlds , opposed the G2A digital store, recalling the case when his studio lost $ 30,000 due to oversold keys in the service.

Cleveland decided to take advantage of the offer of the trading platform – in July, its leaders promised that in such cases they would return developers ten times more than the amount lost due to fraud. The only condition is that the creators of the game must pass an audit conducted by an independent company and provide evidence.

Publishers created an online petition demanding to stop selling indie games on G2A 

The creator of Subnautica and Natural Selection said that his company has every reason to demand compensation from G2A in the amount of 300 thousand dollars due to an accident in 2013.

Someone bought a 1341 digital copy of the Natural Selection 2 shooter from stolen credit cards from the developers of 1341 and put them up for sale on G2A. Subsequently, the real account holders requested a refund through the bank, and the keys were deactivated. As a result, the creators of the game not only lost revenue, but also spent a significant amount on costs.

Cleveland emphasized that he fully supported the idea that it is better for users to download games from “pirated” resources, rather than buying in a dubious digital store.

He also criticized the G2A for their reaction to allegations of fraud and their reluctance to create a key verification and blocking system. The company promisedthat they would start working on it only if 100 gaming companies asked for it within a month.

All these words that such a system will be “expensive” to develop are utter nonsense.

I am very confused by the fact that they constantly mention the names of developers who need to remove their games from their store. The feeling that G2A wants to set players on them who do not understand the doubtfulness of the service.

Charlie cleveland

Director of Unknown Worlds

At the moment, G2A has not commented on Cleveland’s statements.


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