Temporary solo mode, Bloodhound Tomahawk, and the Octane Arena: details of the Iron Crown event in Apex Legends


The event has already begun and will last until August 27.

The key innovation of the Iron Crown is the ability to play alone, which will be removed after the end of the event. At the same time, Respawn emphasized that she would heed the opinions of the players, and did not rule out the possibility of making the solo mode permanent.

As part of the Iron Crown, the developers also changed part of Kings Canyon. According to the plot, these lands were captured by Oktayn, who built megabytes and a ring of fire there. If players like the arena, Respawn will allocate its own locations for other heroes.

The trailer of the Iron Crown

As part of the event, 24 thematic subjects are also available in Apex Legends. In the Iron Crown collection sets, only epic and legendary things will come across – each with a 50% probability – and there will be no duplicates. Therefore, if all 12 epic items are discovered in sets, the legendary ones will drop out.

The heroes of the game as part of the event will receive additional looks – like the “Centurion” for Bloodhound and the “War Machine” for Pathfinder

Upon receipt of all 24 thematic items, players will be able to purchase a set of Bloodhound relics for Apex coins. After the end of the Iron Crown, these relics will be dropped as a bonus item when opening standard sets.

The developers also introduced a temporary currency – crowns – which can be earned in trials or found in collectible sets and spent on rare, epic and legendary items. After the event, the crowns will turn into valuable metals.


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