Overwatch Update with Sigma and Role Search Released on All Platforms

And Brigitte in the patch was reworked as a support hero.


Blizzard released one of the largest updates for Overwatch in recent times – in version the 31st hero appeared, as well as a 2-2-2 system with the search for matches depending on the chosen role.

Now, users must indicate before the start of the match the category of their character – “tank”, “damage” or “support”. During the game, you can change the hero only within one category.

Overwatch introduced role search and a 2-2-2 system

In this regard, the balance of heroes was seriously changed so that everyone could be attributed to a certain role. First of all, it affected Brigitte – all her abilities were reworked to focus on treatment and assistance to her allies.

Also on the main servers appeared the Sigma tank, which was introduced in July.


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