Ninja shared a “personal” number with fans, but it turned out to be a personal data collection scheme

Many, unaware, shared them.


Ninja’s sudden desire to chat with fans was surprising to many. On August 12, he openly announced his phone number and noted that he would try to answer as many messages as possible.

In the attached video, he also clarified that in response to messages the fans will receive a link in which they will need to provide some of their data so that it is easier for him to communicate with them.

In addition, Ninja promised that he would select some fans by the end of the week to play Fortnite with them.

However, it was not so simple. As people have noticed , the Community fill-in form is provided. In it, the user is asked to indicate the name, gender, birthday, city and optional mail.

Link to the form in response to a message by Ninja number and an automatic message that comes to all who wrote

form to fill
Community guideline

The most important thing is contained in the terms of use – in them Community openly says that by filling out the form people agree to receive marketing materials. Moreover, a company can, in fact, impersonate a celebrity with whom it works. Thus, the answers that Ninja fans receive can be written by a completely different person, not by himself.

A message sent by the Client may appear as a letter from a celebrity, but in fact it was written by his or her representatives.from terms of use Community

It also says that correspondence is not considered private, but it, one way or another, is used only for marketing purposes.

Finally, the number indicated by Ninja is also provided by Community. In other words, fans can’t call him and talk to the streamer.

In addition to the form specified, Community also collects information about the IP address, the device used, its location and characteristics, and even the time set on it.

Judging by the responses to the Ninja tweet, many actually wrote by number and even filled out a form. However, it is likely that the streamer himself never answered them – maybe only a few.

So, a) this is not a Ninja number b) Ninja does not write the answers himself c) you need to agree to send out marketing materials d) correspondence is not private e) a lot of data is collected for unknown needs. 
Ok …

Some fans, as a result, accused Ninja of duplicity – until recently, the streamer criticized Twitch for the service advertising other users through his channel (and this led to the appearance of porn on his page), and now uses his fans to collect personal data.

Many also expressed bewilderment at the fact that someone really believed that Ninja would freely publish his personal number.

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