Dr. Mario World brings $ 1.4 million in first month – Nintendo’s still least successful mobile title

In Russia, the game has not yet been released.


Although the game was downloaded five million times in the first week after launch, later the audience growth slowed down significantly – the total number of installations per month was only 7.5 million.

According to Sensor Tower, Dr. Mario World overtook only the role-playing game Dragalia Lost by the number of downloads, however, it still remains the least profitable in the first month – Dragalia Lost had 1.6 million installations, but it brought $ 26.4 million.

The most profitable first month was with Fire Emblem Heroes – the spin-offs of the tactical series then brought in $ 67.6 million.

Dr. Mario World took the last place among Nintendo mobile titles and the average amount of money spent on it per player – on average, one user spent on Dr. Mario 19 cents. For example, a Dragalia Lost player spent an average of $ 16.5 for the first month after launch.


Soft Tower was taken into account at Sensor Tower – profit calculations and comparisons with other games were made only for those countries in which Dr. Mario World is already out.

Dr. Mario World – Rethinking Classic Dr. Mario for NES. In the new game, users in the role of Mario and other characters fight viruses with the help of multi-colored pills. The gameplay resembles a hybrid of tetris and three-in-a-row. In Russia, the game is still not officially available.


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