On the Borderlands 3 forum, you can get a ban for the wrong pronoun for the character Z4LP

On their website, the developers reported that only “they” can be the proper pronoun of a hunter Z4LP.

Gearbox, of course, does not force users to change their minds, but asks to comply with the rules of the forum and not to use the masculine as a pronoun for Z4LP, as this is contrary to the plan of the game authors.

As the forum moderator specified , the deliberate use of the wrong pronoun can be an insult for different users, which is a direct violation of forum rules, where racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic statements in any form are prohibited.

The Borderlands 3 developers, apparently, are serious about protecting their brainchild, even the ideological one, which can serve as a ban on the forum if you use the masculine gender for the character Z4LP.

Recall that the release of Borderlands 3 will take place on September 13 on the PS4, Xbox One and PC platforms.


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