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IMAX will reissue the first installment of “It” in Russian hire


Horror based on the novel by Stephen King will begin to show a week before the release of the sequel – from August 29.

According to the site of the united cinema network “Formula Kino / Cinema Park”, the second rental of the first part of “It” will last at least three days – until August 31.

In early August, the film was also shown in the USA – an 8-minute preview of the second part of “It” was added to the American version after the credits . Judging by the timing indicated on the movie theater sites, a passage from the sequel will not appear in the domestic version of the picture.

“It 2” will be released in Russian hire on September 5. The timing of the film will be 2 hours 45 minutes – and one of the earlier versions of the horror lasted about four hours.

The creators of “It 2” had to “rejuvenate” the children of the actors with the help of special effects 


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