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Former id Software CEO Tim Willits becomes Saber Interactive Creative Director

He will oversee the work of all five studios.


Tim Willits, an id Software veteran, announced that he left his position as head of the studio for a position at Saber Interactive – he began work on August 1, taking the position of creative director.

The developer promised to help in the development of the company and said that he was glad of the opportunity to work with several small teams at once. Willits himself and other id Software employees already collaborated with Saber during the creation of Quake Champions – then he was attracted to the company’s device.


He admitted that the decision to leave id, having worked there for 24 years, was not easy for him, but he was satisfied.

At my age, I have to work with people you like, work on something fun.

I have nothing to prove. I had success. I made a lot of good games. In the end, now I will travel around the world and create video games with great teams. Why give up this opportunity?

Tim Willits

Creative Director, Saber Interactive

Saber Interactive is a Russian-American company founded in 2001 by Matt Karsh and Andrei Iones. In addition to Quake Champions, her staff worked on TimeShift, Spintires: MudRunner, World War Z and other games. They are also currently working on The Witcher 3 for Nintendo Switch.

Currently, Saber has five studios around the world – in New Jersey (USA), St. Petersburg (Russia), Minsk (Belarus), Madrid (Spain) and Sundsvall (Sweden).

Head of id Software Tim Willits will leave the studio after 24 years of work 


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