Farming, programmable databases and 32 people online: what will appear in the No Man’s Sky Beyond update

The list of changes promises to be twice as long as in the NEXT update.


Studio Hello Games shared details about Beyond – an update for No Man’s Sky, which will be released on August 14. According to the developers, in it they will not only add a lot of mechanics, but also make the game work better as a whole.

The two aspects of Beyond – VR support and advanced multiplayer – the creators of the space simulator have already said.

Virtual reality mode

After the release of the patch, No Man’s Sky will work with PS VR, as well as the main PC headsets – Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Valve Index. Support for an autonomous helmet Oculus Quest in the plans for the time being.

Like a glove: Impressions of journalists about VR-mode in No Man’s Sky 

The controls for this mode have been specially redesigned – you can control your character and move it directly with his hands using PS Move, Index Knuckes or Oculus Touch. Many elements, including interaction with their ship, were made more tactile – players will be able to open hatches and edit, holding on to a virtual helm.

The head of Hello Games, Sean Murray, noted that virtual reality helped him to look at the game through the eyes of a beginner and find its flaws.

Multiplayer and online hub

If before in No Man’s Sky users could only gather in teams of four, then in Beyond players will see from 16 to 32 people closest to them, depending on the platform.

The game will have a location hub called Nexus, which developers compare with the Tower in Destiny. This is a huge ship that you can “call” from anywhere in space.

In addition to stores, there will be a teleport, allowing you to view the bases built by other players and move to them.

Also in Nexus there will be a gathering point where group missions will be issued to users. The goals can be different: from headhunting to archeology and collecting resources.

Support for cross-play is not currently planned, but the creators do not deny that they can someday add such a function.

“No Man’s Sky 2.0”

The so-called “third part” of the large-scale update is, in fact, a large series of changes and additional mechanics that will tie the game together. Hello Games claims that their full list will be twice as long as in NEXT, released a year earlier.

Basically, we will complement the details of the various aspects and mechanics that were added to the game before that.


Part of our goal is to make it easier for users to return to the game or start playing for the first time. After the release of NEXT, several million people joined us, and we realized that they saw many small problems. We wanted to solve them.

On the other hand, the game must be made deeper in all respects, for all the main types of players – traders, fighters, researchers.

Sean Murray

head of studio Hello Games

So far, developers have only talked about part of the changes in Beyond.

  • Updated biomes with more diverse flora and fauna.
  • NPCs that you can accidentally meet on different planets.
  • Farming is the domestication of animals, the ability to breed them, milk and ride them.
  • Redesigned crafting and construction system.
  • Cooking and food recipes.
  • New principles for the study of alien languages.
  • Extra alien races.
  • Updated galaxy map.
  • Enhanced facilities for building bases with electricity and internal programmable infrastructure.

According to the authors of No Man’s Sky, the bases will become larger, and they will allow you to “build” their own games. One of the developers managed to create a mini version of the Rocket League with an account management system there.

Future plans

So far, Hello Games is not going to drop No Man’s Sky, and intends to support the game with events and multiplayer missions.

They are not ready to talk about whether Beyond will be the last major update. Initially, they did not have large-scale plans for the game after NEXT, and now they do not make promises about future updates or support on the next generation consoles.

According to Sean Murray, the team would not mind porting the game to the Nintendo Switch, but at the moment they are focused on existing versions.

The head of the studio also confirmed that they are working on a kind of unannounced project at Hello Games – in addition to supporting No Man’s Sky and shown in 2018, The Last Campfire.


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