Creative Assembly registered trademark of Total War Saga: Troy

Judging by the name, the game will unfold during the Trojan War.


According to the website of the British office of intellectual property, developers from Creative Assembly filed an application for registration of Total War Saga: Troy on July 23. The trademark was published on August 2.

Creative Assembly has not officially announced Total War Saga: Troy. Based on the name, the upcoming strategy is dedicated to the mythical campaign of the Greeks on Troy, which Homer described in the poem “The Iliad.”

Troy may be the second game of the Total War Saga line, which, unlike the main series, focuses on local conflicts. The first part of the subseries was Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia, which was released in May 2018 and talked about the Anglo-Saxon wars with the Vikings.

In 2019, Creative Assembly released Total War: Three Kingdoms, dedicated to the civil wars in China in the Age of the Three Kingdoms. The game has become themost pre-ordered part of the series.

Digital revenues Total War: Three Kingdoms exceeded 62 million dollars 


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