“The Hunt Will Never End”: the trailer and abilities of the Z4LP robot from Borderlands 3

IGN also released a video about the brands of weapons in the game - including machine guns with energy shields and sniper rifles that fire rockets.


Each of the three branches of the skills of the Z4LP robot (in the original FL4K) – “Hunter”, “Master” and “Stalker” – is associated with calling animals that help him in battle.

The robot can summon a spider ant, a skag and a flying jabber, which attack opponents and accordingly restore health, increase damage and increase the speed of the character.

An IGN gun trailer in Borderlands 3 shows all nine brands that will appear in the game. Among the manufacturers will be both those that were in the previous parts – like Atlas and Vladof – and new ones – for example, Children of the Vault.

Borderlands 3 “went gold” and will be released on September 13 on the PS4, Xbox One and PC in EGS. Gearbox previously introduced trailers for three more playable characters – Zayn Flint , Mose and Amara sirens.


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