Plums and investigations: why the call to boycott Borderlands 3 diverges on the network

The situation with the SupMatto YouTube is more complicated than it seems at first glance.


What happened

On August 7, the hashtag BoycottBorderlands3 (“boycott Borderlands 3”), with the help of which some users urge not to buy the game, gained popularity on Twitter . He appeared in response to a SupMatto YouTube video : in the video, he said that on July 26 he was visited by private investigators employed by Take-Two Interactive (a company that owns Rockstar and 2K). They allegedly asked him questions about his YouTube channel and data leaks about the game.

It all started with a video on the official Borderlands 3 channel of April 29, in which the thematic extension for Twitch was announced. At the 52nd second, you can notice the name of the Twitch channel in it.

It turned out that this account was associated with other accounts that the developers used. According to SupMatto himself, he began to monitor this profile and received a notification when activity began on it. The streams on this profile were closed, but their covers could be seen. The blogger used this information in his videos on Borderlands 3.

According to him, the day after the detective’s visit, he received seven “strikes” on his channel, one of which has not yet been removed. How the remaining six disappeared is unknown. According to YouTube’s rules, if a channel receives four strikes in three months, then it is deleted. With SupMatto, this has not happened yet.

The blogger also said that about 20 minutes after talking with detectives, his Discord server and account were deleted. The official reason: “participation in the sale, promotion and distribution of cheats, hacks or hacked accounts.”

If you study tweets using the hashtag BoycottBorderlands3 now, you will notice that most users refuse to ignore their expected game due to an incident with a blogger. Others do not focus on the case of SupMatto, but on the personality of Randy Pitchford and the scandals associated with him. Well, the rest just do not understand what the fuss is.

All of these people who are calling for a boycott of Borderlands 3, apparently, do not understand that the only ones whom this will affect are the developers who will be fired if the game fails. 
Get mad at Randy [Pitchford] then, he is a shit, but the people who work for him are not villains.

Everyone who is trying to boycott Borderlands 3.

What they say in Take-Two

IGN received a company comment regarding the situation. Take-Two confirmed that it really hired detectives for the situation with youtuber. However, according to company representatives, this investigation lasted about 10 months and was dedicated not only to the leak of the Twitch profile name.

SupMatto has long released leaked Borderlands 3 videos . According to Take-Two, the information that the blogger used was incomplete, and sometimes false, and “it is not just illegal, but negatively affects other content creators, as well as fans who are waiting for the game.” IGN also noticed that after the detectives came to youtuber, he deleted several videos on Borderlands 3 from his channel. They used information merged even before the presentation of the game.

According to the journalist, SupMatto could indirectly sell leaks on its Discord server: he published data from the sinks there, but you could get into the chat itself only by issuing a paid subscription to the YouTube channel, worth five dollars.

The author of the investigation also found that Twitch and Discord independently studied SupMatto profiles.

According to the author of IGN, so far, 2K and Take-Two, apparently, will not make legal claims against SupMatto, and his case is part of a large investigation regarding leaks on Borderlands 3.

We will take the necessary measures to protect against leaks and misuse of our intellectual property, which not only potentially affect our business and our partners, but most importantly – negatively affect the experience of our fans and customers.
from 2K statement for IGN

This is not the first report that Take-Two uses private investigators to investigate. According to the material of PC Gamer, back in 2015, the company has sent investigators to the author of the fashion FiveM for GTA V, so it was abandoned.

Borderlands 3 will be released September 13 on PC (EGS), PS4 and Xbox One.


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