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E3 site has a massive leak of journalists’ personal data.


Personal data of more than 2 thousand employees of the industry appeared in public access.

On 2 August, former Nichegamer journalist Sophia Narwitz spoke about the leakage of more than 2,000 participants in the last E3 exhibition.

As it turned out, there was a link on the E3 official website that led to the list of registered media representatives, bloggers and streamers. The list includes the full names, addresses and phone numbers of the participants.

Screenshot of the list with hidden personal information of journalists

The list included personal data from journalists IGN, Polygon, PC Gamer, The Verge and other publications. It also got streamers from Twitch and Mixer, which covered the last exhibition.

Sophia Narvits contacted the ESA (Entertainment Software Association), reporting a problem. The link was soon removed from the site, but the list itself is already leaked to the network.

I can personally confirm that the list is still available semi-publicly. God it’s awful

Also, netizens reported that the list hit the Kiwi Farms forum dedicated to harassing people.

ResetEra created a post dedicated to data leakage, but links to the original Narvitz video were quickly blocked by moderators.

Do not post a link to the YouTube video for the first time this topic comes up. 
The video is published on the channel with alternative-right content.

ResetEra is trying to hush up my report. Just gorgeous

According to a source Narvits, in the ESA they knew about the vulnerability since February. At the moment, journalists whose data were on the list are preparing a class action lawsuit. In the European court for violation of the conditions of storage of personal data can sue up to 20 million euros.


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