The iPhone now brings Apple less than half the revenue, but its fall covers the growth of services.


Shares of the company began to grow after an unexpectedly positive report.

  • For the second quarter of 2019, Apple’s revenue amounted to 53.8 billion dollars – 1% higher than a year earlier. This is an absolute record for the second quarter, although the growth was minimal.
  • On the iPhone, for the first time in many years, less than half of the total revenue was $ 25.99 billion against 29.47 billion a year earlier.
  • IPad revenue rose from $ 4.684 billion to $ 5.023 billion.
  • Analysts assumed that the iPhone will bring more, but underestimated the total revenue, so that the company’s shares began to grow.
  • The company is preparing for a new reality, where people update their smartphones less frequently, so it makes a big bet on services – in the fall it launches the Apple TV + online cinema and the Apple Arcade subscription gaming service. For the second quarter, services accounted for 19% of revenues ($ 11.46 billion) of the once almost purely “iron” company.
  • Apple expects next-quarter revenue from $ 61 billion to $ 64 billion. In September, the company is expected to introduce three new iPhone models with improved cameras and, possibly, a 16-inch MacBook Pro. As for the iPad and Apple Watch, it seems that these products are waiting for minimal updates.

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