Painting to the masses. Nvidia released a trial demo of its neural network graphical editor GauGAN


Now everyone can feel like an artist.

We have previously written about this development, but now the general public has a free opportunity to test the system on their own.

GauGAN is an advanced graphics editor, Nvidia , which is capable of creating photorealistic images from schematic drawings. For the “training” program, Nvidiadrove over a million images from Flickr through the neural network with examples of various objects.

Using editor tools, users are now free to create their own landscapes.

The program generates each time a unique object texture, and also adds details, for example, reflections in water. Also in GauGAN you can change the time of day or change the season. So, in the winter landscape, the system will not add foliage to trees.

Nvidia expects that its software will find wide application in the world of designers, architects, game developers and people passionate about painting. The company constantly improves the functions and quality of work of GauGAN in order to “teach” the program to work not only with landscapes, but also with urban landscapes and images of people.

Now everyone can feel like an artist by going to the editor at this link.


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