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Sony threatened to raise US government consoles due to trade war with China

Hiroki Totoki

Sony’s chief financial officer, Hiroki Totoki, said that the PlayStation consoles could significantly increase in price in the United States if additional duties were imposed on Chinese goods in North America.

We believe that high duties will ultimately harm the US economy, as we have already said to the local government.

Hiroki Totoki CFO Sony

The next round of negotiations between the US and China will start in the coming days. Earlier, the government of Donald Trump raised from 10% to 25% duty on imports of Chinese goods, the cost of which is estimated at $ 200 billion.

In the event of a breakdown in the new negotiations, Trump promised to impose increased duties on goods by another 300 billion dollars, and they could include game consoles.

According to Totoki, Sony has not yet decided how it will respond to the increase in duties, but the company is considering the possibility of shifting additional costs, including to American consumers.

The US and Chinese trade war broke out at an inconvenient time for console manufacturers – just before the launch of a new generation of consoles. In this regard, many companies are beginning to gradually transfer their production capabilities to other countries, including India – Apple and Nintendo have already moved in this direction .

A few hours earlier, Sony reported reaching 100 million PS4 shipped in record time, and also announced that digital sales of games on this console had exceeded retail sales for the first time.

PS4 shipments exceeded 100 million – the console overcame this mark faster than all home gaming systems in history 


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