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July 30, several girls on Twitch will hold the action “Schluhostrim” to draw attention to sexism on the platform


And at the same time they want to annoy the “legions of virgins.”

Casey caviness

The idea of ​​the campaign was shared by Casey Caviness, a “veteran” Twitch with almost 500 thousand subscribers (not paid), at the beginning of July , however, they paid attention to the idea only at the end of the month.

It would be great if all women streamers choose the day when we dress up loosely and write #slutstream in the name of the broadcast. 
We can recall the problem of sexism, which we have to face only because we are comfortable with our sexuality, and also annoy the legions of virgins.

As a result, Caviness enlisted the support of her friend and streamer Isabella O’Hammon, choosing July 30 as the day for the action called “Shlüchostrim Day” (SlutStreamDay).

July 30 was chosen because it is also a world day to combat human trafficking, and during the campaign the girls plan to raise funds for the charity organization Freedom 4/24.

Caviness wants to convey to people the idea that girls can dress during the broadcasts as they want and are comfortable, and if they try to look as attractive as possible, this does not mean that they do it solely to attract attention and donations.

A few years ago, Kaviness herself was making fun of this problem on Twitch, putting on causing outfits during the broadcasts.

People who are beginning to resent because of the big cut-out in girls on the broadcasts, see my streams and say: “Oh yes, she makes fun of other girls and behaves like a whore for the sake of watching.” Personally, it seems to me that this is rather a mockery of those who are outraged by this.

from an interview with Casey Caviness for Kotaku in 2018

As for the name of the action “Shlukhostrim” (originally SlutStream), then Kaviness decided to choose it despite being rude then to deprive the word “whore” of the power it possesses in the opinion of those who use it to address girls on Twitch.

In total, as part of their campaign, the girls plan to raise at least 10 thousand dollars for the organization Freedom 4/24. At the time of writing, the broadcast has not yet begun.


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