IO Interactive has confirmed plans to develop the third part of Hitman


The studio also presented a sniper map trailer with a prison in Siberia and published a development plan for Hitman 2 in August.

As Hakan Abrac, the head of IO Interactive, said in the NoClip documentary, after the release of the third part, Hitman will look like one game with more than 20 missions.

Hitman 3, according to NoClip, can be released as separate episodes, and IO Interactive studio in Malmo, which also deals with updates for Hitman 2, is preparing to work on it. The main IO Interactive team, which is located in Copenhagen, is playing on the new IP.

The developers also presented a trailer sniper map “Prison” with a location in Siberia. The purpose of the task, which will unfold on the map and got the name “Crime and Punishment” – to eliminate Vitaly Reznikov, the head of the private prison “Perm-14”, as well as the Ukrainian criminal boss Roman Habko.

For the obtained skill levels, players will receive a Druzhina 34 Arctic sniper rifle.

Access to the Prison card will be given to all owners of Expansion Pack 1, which is included in the “seasonal pass” of the game, as well as Silver and Gold publications.

In August, the developers, among other things, will add three missions for the “Escalation” regime in Hitman 2 and three elusive goals, as well as equipment for the owners of the “seasonal pass”.


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