In Fallout 76 there will be dialogues in the style of Fallout 3, and raids will add on August 20


Character parameters will determine which cues are available.

On the panel as part of QuakeCon 2019, the developers of Fallout 76 said that the raids will appear in the game on August 20. This day will open shelter 94, in which the events of the cooperative task for four will unfold.

Also in development is the second raid for another shelter. There is no specific release date, but it should be released “in the not too distant future.”

Reid from asylum 94 will rely on puzzles, said development head Jeff Gardiner. He will have three levels of difficulty: at the highest, the allotted time for the passage will increase and the rewards will improve.

For example, players can get power armor covered with fern. It will increase the secrecy of the hero. By collecting the entire set of armor, gamers will receive some additional bonuses. And some rewards will “fall out” right along the raid.

In addition, Wastelanders update will be released for Fallout 76 in the fall, adding NPCs and factions to the wasteland. Player parameters will affect which cues he can use in dialogs. Also, the game will have a reputation that will affect the relationship with the factions.

Note that this is not a dialogue system from Fallout 4. It is more like Fallout 3, where you have a list of replicas.

You will have a list of answers, and you will not be limited to basic options.

Jeff gardiner Lead Developer Fallout 76

In addition to the two warring factions, settlers and raiders, there will be some more sub-factions, which the developers have not yet told.

Also this September for Fallout 76 a new map will be released for Nuclear Winter, and in the near future, the developers promise to add dedicated servers.


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